Friday, August 30, 2013

Elm Grove Companies is named the 2013 NH Real Estate Business of the Year

Business NH Magazine recently recognized Elm Grove Companies as the 2013 Business of the Year for a Construction/Engineering/Real Estate firm.

Business NH Magazine was started in 1983 as New Hampshire's first statewide monthly business publication, but overtime has developed a readership of 50,000. The magazine focuses on in-depth business coverage, showcasing the strength of the New Hampshire's business community.

There are decades of real estate experience between Elm Grove’s top executives Co-CEO’s David Schleyer and Newton Kershaw III and newly appointed COO Chris Schleyer. Recently, the Manchester Historic Association awarded Elm Grove Companies with the Neighborhood Improvement Award for the rehabilitation of the historic Allyson Apartments at 307 Merrimack Street. This company has made great strides to preserve the integrity of historic buildings and landmarks in the Manchester community. Additionally, Elm Grove’s COO Chris Schleyer has volunteered to serve on the Bed Bug Action Committee to teach and inform other landlords on how to battle the bed bug infestations that have affected many in the community.

Although Elm Grove Companies and its executives are involved with many community and nonprofit organizations, Elm Grove has formed a close relationship with the The Way Home, a local nonprofit that helps the homeless to find affordable housing. Elm Grove purchased $10,000 in tax credits to aid in fundraising efforts to build housing for homeless veterans. The company also manages buildings with The Way Home and offers apartments below market rent to the chronically homeless and their families.

Elm Grove Companies is one of the premier property management, real estate and development firms in the area. Under the umbrella of Elm Grove Companies consists three subsidiaries; Elm Grove Property Management, Elm Grove Realty, and Kindler Development Group. The company owns and manages over 800 units with offices in Manchester, Pittsfield and Franklin. Elm Grove has brokered, bought and sold over 150 homes, multi-families and commercial buildings, has renovated over 500 distressed properties, and has participated in several major construction and development projects.

“We are extremely honored to be receiving the 2013 Business of the Year Award.” said Elm Grove Companies COO Chris Schleyer. “We would not have been able to reach this company milestone without the continued efforts by the entire Elm Grove team. We envision strong and persistent growth in the future ahead of us.”

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Elm Gove Companies Earns the Neighborhood Improvement Award

The Manchester Historic Association recently awarded Elm Grove Companies with the Neighborhood Improvement Award for the rehabilitation of the historic Allyson Apartments at 307 Merrimack Street.

The Manchester Historic Association is a nonprofit organization that aims to collect, preserve, and share Manchester’s rich history so that the growing, changing city will retain ties to its past.

The Allyson Apartments is a recognizable historic landmark in Manchester. The Victorian style apartments were built in 1889, and include unique features such as ornate columns at the entryways and decorative brackets on the roof overhang. During the recent rehabilitation by Elm Grove Companies and subsidiary company Kindler Development Group, the entire exterior of the building was encapsulated using lead barrier compound, and all of the windows were replaced for energy efficiency. Additionally, extensive repairs were made to the interior of the building, notably the preservation of the original wood siding. It has quickly become one of the most sought out apartment buildings by local Manchester residents.

“We are extremely honored to be receiving the Neighborhood Improvement Award.” said Elm Grove Companies CEO Newton Kershaw III. “As a company we will always strive to preserve the integrity of these historic buildings and landmarks. We hope to have the opportunity to be involved in more rehabilitation and revitalization projects in the Manchester community in the future.”